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12/08: Being at Home


This are the days when I start to hate my work because I no longer have all the time to spend at home except of course for sleeping. I am now gathering all the words that I can get in my mind within 15 minutes because I need to prepare for work.

My work requires me to chat with customers and fix their mobile applications and home security. It’s a business-process outsourcing company, one of the leading companies in the Philippines and I owe my graduate studies to them because I availed their educational assistance program. The operations is 24/7 and my shift starts at 12am to 9am.  How cool is that?  Yeah right.
I’m glad to be at home today even if I spent most of my time in my room feeling the remnants of my flu crippling me. I hate that I’m sick for the past few days because of the changing weather that I was not able to do a lot of things. My body just can’t take it anymore but I do have no choice. I still need to go to work and school. 

I feel shit , I mean sick.

Anyways, today I must say is still awesome. I just need a few minutes to feel my existence at home.


Check out little Christmas Tree!  🙂


And how happy we used to be… I miss Dad  and how healthy Mama was. This picture was taken 20 Decembers ago.


Chillerspot ❤

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10/14 – Day 326: House

My safe haven, our abode. 🙂

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09/02 – Day 284: Colors of Home

Random post.

Walking outside our house and exploring the beauty of nature while the sun is up. 🙂

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08/26 – Day 277: Bum Sunday

Just because I have nothing to do…

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08/25 – Day 276: Antique

I love this antique find I found at home. I just find it so picture perfect and classy… 🙂

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08/15 – Day 266: A Two-Day Old Chick

Playing dead…

Awwww… this little chick is so adorable. Our dog Riji almost ate her. Whew, I’m a life saver. 🙂

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08/07 – Day 258: Backyard Mayhem

Going random the nth time around…

This is our backyard… a witness of my childhood. 🙂

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