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02/26 – Day 95: Walking Alone

I always experienced mini heart attacks while walking on the road at a very unholy hour. This really kills me but I have no choice as I lived an hour away from the office. This was one exciting night as I went to the office via motorcycle from our place to the nearest stop where I can ride a jeepney. T’was really crazy but it boosts my adventure soul. I know I did something wrong by trusting a stranger and random what ifs may come to other people’s mind but I don’t care. I know it was a daredevil act to follow but I decided to go because I need to and because instinct tells me that the stranger will not kill me and that it’s okay to do something totally random. πŸ™‚

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02/25 – Day 94: One Funny Dinner

One thing that sets this dinner from all the group dinners that I joined is that this one is full of fun. I really miss laughing while your tears are flowing in your face and that you just keep on catching your breath. I surely love hanging out with my Red Cross friends as they surely ease the stress away. Grab the opportunity to hang out with your friends and just enjoy the moments… friends indeed make our life colorful — just know whom to trust and love all the time for a hassle free life. haha πŸ˜‰

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02/24 – Day 93: Iced White Mocha

Oh yeah, I don’t care about calories or diet today. I feel a bit depress and I just want to spoil myself and indulge into something so enticing. I loved the thought of being alone and thinking while sipping this current fave of mine. It’s okay to spoil yourself once in a while. πŸ˜‰

Did I say I also indulge in this yummy thing? ahahaha… πŸ˜€

Sweet and calories overload. OMG!!!


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02/23 – Day 92: Guidebook

Due to my crazy schedule I cannot begin working on it… Anyways, I was able to start and tried to conceptualize into something simple yet catchy. I miss Photoshop, I miss working on something to waste my time yet in the end enjoys it outcome. Oh well, life is good. πŸ™‚

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02/22 – Day 91: Halo Halo

Just because the weather is too hot for me… I decided to have Halo-Halo in the nearest mall from the office. Halo – Halo consists of beans, nata de coco, shaved ice, milk, sweetened jackfruit, ube jam, leche flan and ice cream but of course every resto has their own versions of this faved summer delicacy. Summer will never be complete without it. β™₯

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12/21 – Day 90: Tweeting

I know this will be a busy week so I am setting aside my online life. I am so addicted to Twitter for the past few months as I checked it first before Facebook. It’s a social media and micro blogging site.

You can tell the world what’s going on in just 140 words. Today I will list the top 10 reasons on why I love tweeting:

1. You can vent out what’s in your mind without considering what other people’s say as they are busy tweeting theirs.

2. You get closer to famous celebrities.

3. When celebrities tweet back.

4. Being updated on what’s going on in this world we’re living in.

5. Simple and easy to navigate.

6. There are quotes tweeted that are worth pondering.

7. Having fun reading Twitter wars.

8. Tweeting your stand on random issues.

9. Direct messaging your friends.

10. The chance to follow and be followed.

For Twitter lovers please follow me at

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02/20 – Day 89: Alcohol

Because of this… some lives changed. I am glad I have high alcohol tolerance! πŸ˜‰

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