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03/27 – Day 125: Love. ♥

My dog Poi surely makes my day. You can really see the joy in his eyes whenever I arrived from work and he never fails to shower me with puppy kisses. No matter how bad my day could be, he always reminds me that I am loved and just simply ease the stress away. The happiness my pets bring into my life is incomparable. 🙂

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12/23 – Day 30: Chocolate Madness

This is my current favorite – Kitkat Chunky is always yummy.

If I ate chocolates and ice creams because of having a bad day at work then by the end of the month, I will be far for sure. T’was like series of days that I have been so pissed and hated my job because no matter what effort you exert, I still fall short of my goals. This is worst than passing my most hated subject back in college. Thank you for the discovery of this sweet stuffs that ease my frustrations and stress away.

Have a break, have a Kitkat indeed. 🙂

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