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04/01 – Day 130: Book to Read

Good Book.

I tried to look for a good book that will not just make me think but will also inspire me until I caught myself reading the summary of several fiction books that talk about vampires, unreciprocated love, world mysteries and love stories. I don’t think I need those cheesy stuffs as of the moment until I came across to Paulo Coehlo’s books that surely spiked up my interest. I choose books that I can surely relate to. I remembered last night as I arranged my books in my bedroom, I came across The Alchemist, Coehlo’s masterpiece. It was old and dusty, the last time I read the first part of it was years ago for a book report. I even borrowed it from my best friend. I began reading it and I am inspired by the story of the boy who is in search of his dream as all of us wants to discover our own Personal Legend.

Actually, I was caught up between 2 books to buy, one was Veronika Decides to Die and the other one was Aleph but I decided to buy the latter because it posed one strong question that just not made me think but also made me realized that this is indeed the question I have been asking to myself for months now. “Are we where we want to be, doing what we want to do?”

Now I am off to finished The Alchemist to finally read Aleph. 😉

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03/29 – Day 127: The Alchemist

I am not yet finished reading it but Paolo Coehlo’s legendary masterpiece the Alchemist surely is the best book to read for inspiring one to reach for their dreams and not based everything on fate. 😉

P.S.: I’ll create a post regarding my review of the book after I finished reading it. 😉

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12/27 – Day 34: Thank You

Finally a time to make use of the first page of my Sketch Pad. Amazing!

I just want to thank God for everything that have happened this year. I guess I’ll just have a separate post with regard to all of my thanks. This post is all about me finally making use of my hands after a while. I am not really good in freehand drawing and sketching as my interest is more on drafting, making of floor plans and scribbling. My mind usually works when I do some doodles on old notebooks, random papers and tissues. I have a strong fetish on good penmanship and typography is also one of my interest especially if I test my skills in graphic design software.

2012’s top new year’s resolution is “BE CREATIVE”.

Tweet from Paolo Coehlo:

2012: Be creative. Men only learnt how to fly when they stopped imitating birds.

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