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Bantayan Island: Not Your Ordinary Paradise


Chill Rating: ☺☺☺☺☺

One of the best weekend spent on the beach with friends. It’s so nice to finally commune in nature after some tiring week of school and work related stress. It has been my lifelong dream to travel and write about the world we are currently in. I must admit I am not really a writer, I am just a blogger who writes from her soul. This will be one of my few summer adventures that I will be blogging just because this place is really worth every single share. Bantayan Island is located west of the northernmost part of Cebu province. It’s actually one of the largest in the whole Bantayan Island Group which is composed of not more than 20 islands. Most tourists visit the island during Holy Week because it is the island’s fiesta. Party goers from all walks of life are enjoying the scenic view, eat, drink and definitely be merry! I love partying but since I am an ambivert ( partly extrovert, partly introvert) Bantayan is the best place for solitude so I rather choose Boracay for the party scene and let Bantayan be Bantayan — I want to savor its serenity and wander around when there’s a lesser crowd. Now, enough of my introduction and let’s start rehashing my less than 24 hours stay in the beautiful paradise that made me realized that life is too short to waste  in worries. I remembered swimming under the stars and the full moon. It was so blissful and should I say solitude at its finest. Thank you Lord for the needed break. I finally have unwind from all the hustles and bustles of my city life. I could not thank you enough for the beautiful weather and clear skies that night. I am in one with your creation and it has been an awesome experience . It actually reminded me that you exist and that you’ll always be there watching us no matter what.

And again, to cut the drama short… let’s start talking about Bantayan Island — such a beautiful place to wander.


I left home at around 6:00 am and took the 6:50 bus to Cadiz for 95 pesos. When you reached the terminal, there will be trike drivers who will offer to bring you to the port where the fast craft is. It depends on the number of people so I suggest go in groups so that you’ll pay only 20 – 25 pesos from Cadiz terminal to its port. For 290 pesos, you’ll be able to reach Bantayan Island in 3 hours depending on the weather. Make sure you reached the port before 9:00 am or else, you’ll wait for tomorrow because there’s only one trip each day.


Bantayan Island is 4 hours away from Bacolod and most of the travel time is spent on the sea. Nevertheless, the place is really worth the time spent waiting. After we reached Bantayan Port, we went to Grez Bell, a restaurant nearby which offers delicious and mouth watering delicacies. Since everyone is so busy with regard to the Pacman and Mayweather fight, we waited for almost an hour but again, it’s worth it. I ordered chicken curry and I swear I love it. My friends ordered steamed veggies and sizzling squid.




After our oh so fully loaded meal — we are off to see more of the sun, sand and definitely the BEACH!!! Oh yeah! But first we roam around the municipality’s market to check out some goodies. It’s nice and very affordable.


You need to ride a trike for 25 pesos in order to reach the beach resorts in Sta. Fe which is a 15 – 20 minute ride from the wharf.


Most of my travel time was spent on daydreaming the white beaches and cloud watching.


cloud watching to budyong

There are several beach front resorts you can choose from when you reach Bantayan Island. Prices of these resorts range as little as P1,500 to P5,000 per night. Finally, we’re in Budyong Beach Resort! Budyong Beach Resort is one of the most affordable resort in Bantayan Island. It is a nicec place to stay if you are into a great beach experience with your family and friends. The resort takes pride of its location and staff that are very helpful and accomodating. They are recommending activities that make your stay in the island very worthwhile and that includes tricycle transfers, boat and bike rentals. It’s one of the choices when you want a beach resort with powdery white sands and beachfront cottages that offers the best view of the sea. Swimming in front of the resort is also good because the water is clean,cool and no big rocks that can hurt your feet whether it’s high tide or low tide. The place is so serene and calm, just the perfect place for you to destress and unwind. I will surely recommend the resort to my friends.

Budyong Beach Resort Website:

For reservations and inquiries, please feel free to reach them thru the following: 

Phone : (032) 438-9285
Mobile : 09213145275
Email :

1-budyong name

Best place to stay with family or friends and just commune with nature.

chill place w friends

We stayed in a fan room worth 1300 pesos which is already good for 4 persons and the only room available that day.


Front Desk


Time to feel the island vibe first before we start the fun… fresh green mango shake from Budyong’s Restaurant! It is so refreshing — definitely a must try.

quench it


More pictures of Budyong Beach Resort hoping it will entice you too to stay there… 🙂















It was such a beautiful place to stay. Late in the afternoon after we’ve settled down, we decided to go island hopping, snorkeling and swimming. It was an amazing experience unfortunately I don’t have a watercam or GoPro to capture the corals and fishes that I’ve seen as well as the beautiful full moon that really capped of my stay. It was a one of a kind experience — my Bantayan Universe experience.

1-lifevesthopping2 hopping3 snorkel sun snorkel time 2 snorkel time

The moon that is so full and BEAUTIFUL! The best island experience.


I am such a speed fan and it’s nice to be reunited with an old love. Happiness on wheels and brakes, I am swooned and so excited to test my biking skills after all these years.


And just what I’ve thought… I still got the skills. I feel so alive and happy. It’s me and my bike to places I’ve never been. Thank you Bantayan Island for making me feel like a kid again. I owe you such a memorable experience. Thank you Lord for keeping me safe too. 🙂

After the island hopping adventures, we were super hungry. We rented bikes and pedalled our way to the most recommended restaurant of the locals — HR Restaurant. Time to fill the growling stomach with sumptous delicacies. Gambas! Chicken! Sinigang! Halo-Halo! Yahoooooo!






The bar is actually so chill but I decided to be sober that day. I swear I’ll drink on my next visit.


 And my friends went to buy something as souvenirs while I am biking all over the various blocks.


Time to swim under the moon and the stars. I will just close my eyes and rekindle the most beautiful memory. Solitude at its finest. I was just there lying on the sand under the infinite stars watching the clouds clear up to give way to the moon. Definitely a-MAY-zing! 🙂

I woke up early to catch the breaking dawn and I was not able to miss it. I was there watching the sun as it totally breaks free.

1-walk5 1-sunup

Now, time for my usual beach routine — a walk in the beach, alone. There is really something about solitude that makes me feel alive. I know I am weird but I guess I am used to that alone but never lonely feeling. I got God watching me and I am watching his creations. Every beach trip is always an experience I cherished. I captured some of the sights I saw while walking the long stretch of white sand.

1-sunrise 1-walk 1-walk2















clear waters

After some walking, time for some biking before we go home.

1-ike8 1-bike7 1-bike6




Saying goodbye was a little bit hard but the experience is fulfilling. I think I left a piece of my heart to the island that fueled my artistic side. I can now write my thoughts and emotions again. I must say — I was so happy in less than 24 hours and I will definitely come back soon.


Goodbye island life, until we meet again.

clear waters



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Sipaway Island : Parana Private Beach Resort

It’s summer once again and I bet you’re looking for a good place to stay. All of us really do want to unwind and ’chillax’ as what most yuppies like me call it. It’s a typical summer day with friends. I daydreamed of lounging under the trees, enjoying the blue skies, letting the rays of the sun hit my skin while I’m sipping cocktails and listening to Bob Marley’s Caribbean Blue. Now it’s giving me a certain kind of high but my trip was not really like I imagined. There’s no shoreline, mostly concrete walls or huge rocks.


Anyways, before you all get started to get bored by my blabs, I just want to share to you my latest trip. I went to Sipaway Island in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental with my MBA classmates/friends to simply unwind and relax after a busy school year and of course a busy life at work. It’s a two and a half hour trip from Bacolod via Don Salvador Benedicto. We met up at Bacolod South Terminal and rode the Ceres Bus. You can choose a non – aircon or an aircon bus. Since we missed the 6am trip, we have no choice but to ride the non – aircon one which costs us 105php because we had our IDs thus student discount. It’s 125php for regular passengers. Unlike my travel experience to Sipalay, this trip is less exhausting maybe because I’m sleeping most of the time and missed all the breathtaking view in Don Salvador Benedicto which I appreciated better on our way home because I was wide awake the whole time. We arrived in San Carlos terminal at 9:30 and went directly to the market to buy our food and necessities. The tricycle fare costs 10php. It’s almost a 10-minuteboat ride from San Carlos port to Sipaway Island which costs 15php per head.


The trike from Sipaway Port to the resort also costs 15php. Parana Private Beach resort is owned by my MBA classmate’s highschool classmate. I forgot the name of the owner though.

The best word to describe the place would be cozy. It’s a good place to stay when you want to stay away from the hustles and bustles of our daily grind in our city life.

Highlights :

* It’s a private resort therefore you can do whatever you want to do there


* Cozy and clean cottages with utensils


* Nice and friendly caretakers
* A scenic view of the sea and Negros mountains


* Clear beach water



* Safe swimming area because of the walls surrounding it


* You’ll love the starfishes…






* The island has no water supply.
* There’s no electricity, you need to pay if you would like to use the generator.
* No free wi-fi so better bring your own mobile broadband.
* Some areas are rocky so don’t expect sands like in Boracay Island



* Be careful of sea urchins…



Overall, it was a great experience. I was able to get away from my weekend routine. It’s either I’m at home or I’m out chilling with friends not wanting to go home until the sun slowly shines from the horizon. I spent one weekend away from my city life. We spent the night mostly talking, eating and drinking. We are totally focused, no phones to tinker or to check, no Facebook to update and no Foursquare to checked in to. There’s no technology involved. I remembered waking up early, no hangover or whatsoever just to see the sun rise. I walk around like a nomad… simply enjoying my lone time.


I always long for that kind of moment. I was just simply there, alone and all I can hear was Armin Van Buuren’s music in my phone enticing me to feel this moment I rarely feel back at home. My thoughts were drifting to nowhere. I feel so comfortable even if I’m alone. If only every day of my life is as peaceful as this, if only every single day is as chill as this and if only life is nothing but good vibes, no problems, no stress, no complications… if only.



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