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09/14 – Day 296: Wallpaper

I love my new typography inspired wallpaper. I won’t deny that I have always been a fan of Paris, France and the Eiffel Tower has been a life – long fetish. I get to carry my dream place wherever and whenever I want to. It also serve as a reminder that I need to work harder for me to visit the place I have longed to visit for years.

Comment ca va? Bien.:)

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09/01 – Day 283: Unfinished Artwork

Just because it’s another day at home and I have a new canvas to paint on. I have this crazy fetish on Eiffel Tower so I decided to make it my muse but I realized that my round brush is missing. The border is so horrible that I just left it as it is for the mean time. Despite the flaws… it still makes me smile. (Imagine a pink Eiffel Tower, seriously? For crying out loud, what’s wrong with me!)

It reminds me of myself though, I am God’s unfinished artwork. 🙂

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08/06 – Day 257: Paris

I long for the day that I get to see you soon…

Paris. ♥

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04/23 – Day 152: Doodlebook

Thou shall be my doodle book wherein I’ll write all the inspiring quotes I can definitely relate to and also my dreams and goals in life. The cover is one of my dream place to visit and I have to admit that I have this weird fettish when it comes to the Eiffel Tower. 😀

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